Tuesday, January 6, 2015

First Blog Post

I'm not sure how this all works... But I guess I should give it a try. 

A little about me: I'm the mommy to an amazing little girl who was sent from heaven above. I love God, my family & friends, I believe everything happens for a reason (good & bad). Date nights are the best but so is renting a DVD & cooking at home. I could eat sushi & pasta everyday.  Cooking is one of my favorite things, hosting dinners & brunch is a weekly at my house. I'm old fashion & super girly. Camping & hiking was recently introduced to me & I instantly fell in love with the scenery not to mention a killer workout!  I never lie, cheat or break a promise.  I have an amazing job that I love & worked very hard to get. My girlfriends are like my sisters & so I have new brother in laws & a ton of nieces & nephews. My little family keeps getting bigger! Not going to pretend I'm into sports, for me they're better in person with a beer in hand, he watches Sunday football & I run errands.  Music is essential my playlist is completely random. Singing & dancing around my house or in my car is a must!  I'm serious & silly at the same time. It's sometimes hard for me to say how I feel.  I believe in second chances just not everyone deserves them. 

I think I will be blogging about anything & everything on here. 

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